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Jun 29,  · Yes, you can definitely take help from an ISB admissions consultant for your application. While you may find a lot of material online, an admissions consultant does bring a few unique points: 1. Professional experience: An experienced consultant w. ISB Essay Sample 2. You are contesting the election to be the President of the ISB Student Body. Write a speech you will deliver to the student body on why they should elect you as the President? Fellow-students, it is my pleasure to be a part of the distinguished ISB student community and bring forth my ideas for the ISB Student Body. Learn what exactly ISB is looking for in your essays and get step by step guidance to writing an impressive ISB application essay! She is an alumnus of Indian School of Business -Hyderabad, majoring in Marketing & Strategy and is currently working for beverage giant, Coca-Cola as an Area Key Accounts Manager.

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Why should you be one of them? You may highlight significant changes in your profile from the time you applied last time. The above lines define my life in a nutshell, isb essays sample. From the start, I was demotivated to see the rigidity of the monotonous job. There was very little scope to take initiatives, learn and outshine. I always wanted to be in a role where I can take initiatives, implement my ideas and learn from my failures and successes.

Instartup ecosystem in India was on boom and I felt a startup would be a perfect place for me — time to change the road I was on. I was super excited to feel the uncertainty of a young startup even though the risk involved was huge but I had the confidence to succeed. After 8 months, things got rough as funds dried up and we had to layoff staff. This led to an air of demotivation among the employees. I knew as operations lead, I had to believe and instill confidence in my team if Mywash had to have any chance of surviving.

I tried to be the source of motivation to other employees and created an emotional connect through open and honest communication with my team about the difficulties as well as achievements through town-hall meetings.

My Team and I worked without salary for three months and got rewarded for our confidence and perseverance when the MyWash family got acquired by HouseJoy. It was a moment of great satisfaction and contentment but I believed I still had a lot to learn from a startup. One of my main learnings from MyWash was the importance of delegation, isb essays sample.

In Revv, I delegated work more efficiently and focused on applying my strengths in more creative areas than before.

For example, I designed and executed the first PR campaign for Revv which was a huge success and got covered in Economic Times and other national dailies. I care for, but not fear for, my career and this has enabled me to have realistic confidence in my abilities and take calculated risks. Within a short 3 years, I have seen expansion, acquisition, faced employee strikes and threats. I believe all these experiences have given me a lot of learnings about teamwork and leadership which I can share with my class at ISB and become a valuable contributor in my peers learning.

My immediate post-PGP goal is to join a large consulting firm or a corporate house in Strategy and Operations domain. I have three and a half years of work experience, mostly in early stage startups, where I have tasted good success in team building, isb essays sample, running on ground operations and managing unit economics.

But I always felt most challenged and excited during brainstorming sessions on business strategy with start-up founders, isb essays sample. Isb essays sample believe, a strategy consulting role would provide me exposure to diverse isb essays sample of challenging situations faced by various businesses and would require me to come up with novel solutions.

Such experiences would be helpful in tackling similar challenges while pursuing my entrepreneurial ambitions in long term. So far, I have experience in developing on ground operations strategies but now I want to move up in value-chain and learn in-depth about the nuances of broader strategic management governing business decisions. I believe the ISB PGP program is a perfect platform for me to gain in-depth knowledge of principles behind strategic management theoretically through curriculum and practically through industry collaborations which would help me land into strategy consulting domain.

If given the isb essays sample, I am especially looking forward to be a part of the Consulting Club. The Mentor-Mentee model is an attractive opportunity for people like me to learn from alumni in reputed consulting firms. Keeping my long-term goal in mind, I also want to understand the finer details of venture capital domain. I think Entrepreneurship and Venture Capital Club would be a great platform for me to connect with successful entrepreneurs and venture capitalists and learn the intricacies and nuances of raising funds.

Since ISB can provide a well-crafted and proven path to my short-term and long-term goals, it seems to be the perfect destination for me to start nursing them. I am a highly self-motivated person isb essays sample like to take initiatives which create a positive impact in my environment.

I share a symbiotic relationship with my writing, where my thoughts find life in my words and simultaneously, my self-motivation gets fuelled. I wrote my first poem on a beautiful flower at the age of 10, which got published in Hindustan Times. Henceforth, my mother always encouraged me to pursue this hobby. As I grew up, writing became an integral part of my life because it liberated my thoughts and gave isb essays sample constructive vent to my feelings and observations.

I have won multiple awards for my writing with a few notable publications in Hindustan Times. The other significant aspect of my life is isb essays sample taking impactful initiatives where again my mother was my first inspiration. My mother is a school teacher and she used to teach underprivileged children for free after school. That is where I also developed a liking towards the cause of teaching. During my graduation, I led the Pratigya initiative and personally took a pledge to sponsor and mentor 3 girls in their education, isb essays sample.

With time, I developed a special bond with them and I could notice their growing confidence because of my encouragement. I continued to support them every year and the proudest moment of my life was when all 3 of them graduated high school and went to college in pursuit of their dreams. I have carried forward these personality traits over to my professional career where I have been successful in driving initiatives at Deloitte which have created lasting impact.

For example, one of my projects for our client Omnicare was running behind schedule and budget due to manual errors in code migration process. I proposed the idea of an internal tool which can help automate the process. My senior management liked the idea and the practical initiative. Isb essays sample designed an application to automate the code migration process. The application helped accelerate our project execution and reduced man-hours.

Later, I got an opportunity to write an internal white paper on the application for knowledge-sharing purpose and I presented the paper at Deloitte Eminence meet from where the application was approved to be used in 3 Deloitte service lines.

I have also kept my passion to bring positive change in my surroundings alive by leading the Deloitte CSR team in association with Literacy India, where throughout the year we organize volunteer visits and events, trying to enlighten the lives of underprivileged children.

My short-term career plan after MBA is to move towards product management roles in the technology sector and in the long term I plan to lead a technology enterprise. In the isb essays sample 4 years, working as a technical consultant with Deloitte, I have gained excellent technical expertise, client-facing skills, isb essays sample, and the capability to lead diverse teams.

During this time, I have developed keen interest in the strategic roadmap, market research and feature definitions that go behind a product, isb essays sample. However, I need to work on my strategic and marketing knowledge to deliver on these business objectives. Due to recent introduction of disruptive technologies and political events like US presidential elections and Brexit, IT services industry has been navigating troubled waters.

IT services players are forced to change strategy from relying on labour arbitrage and service outsourcing to developing niche product offerings. Moreover, with IT rapidly transforming into a business driver, isb essays sample, I perceive immense opportunity in the role of a product manager. After extensive research and detailed conversations with isb essays sample, I believe, ISB can enrich me with this business knowledge but more importantly it would give me a chance to learn it from the best B-school professors visiting from the US, since most of the clients for IT industry are based in the US.

I am especially looking forward to the specialization in Information and Technology Management which is particularly aligned with my career objectives. Finally, isb essays sample, the credibility and branding that I will receive as an ISB alumni are unmatchable and I aspire to earn that brand. How to approach this essay: There are many ways to approach this essay. But we recommend telling two stories that showcase your personality. Pick isb essays sample personal story and one work-related story, so that it presents a holistic picture of your personality.

Sometimes, the story behind an achievement can reveal a lot that the achievement itself does not. The story can talk about what makes something an achievement rather than it simply being something you once did.

The question then is, how do you tell these stories for maximum effect? We recommend that you should use the START framework to tell your stories in the best manner possible. Before you start writing the essays, sit down with a bunch of post-it notes and isb essays sample this:. Write down everything you would like to say about yourself, one idea on each post-it.

Ask your friends or family for help if you have trouble recollecting stories that highlight your strengths. Structure: To ensure that your stories make a great impression, you will need to structure them carefully.

Note that a well-rounded essay will get you extra brownie points for driving the central point home, isb essays sample. Things to Avoid: If there is stuff you have mentioned in detail elsewhere in your application then do isb essays sample rewrite it here, isb essays sample. Just focus on the subjective parts of the story isb essays sample you can reveal the person behind the numbers.

Explaining in too much detail — Wasting valuable space explaining the problem in so much detail that you are left with no space to explain your personal takeaways and contribution. Remember that the details can be explained in the interview. Stuffing — Trying to mention too many qualities and ending up with nothing memorable. For example, if you say you are empathetic, creative, passionate, honest, responsible, kind, courageous, self-aware, a life-long learner, a good listener, a strong leader… You get the drift, right?

Stick to just adjectives and drive home the point. Keep in mind that there is a word limit to this essay. You have to be able to say everything you need to within that much. So, isb essays sample, you need to figure out three answers. For the first answer, you need to start by identifying your career goal for Here are 2 things to think about to help you arrive at your answer:. Once you elaborate on your goal, the goal becomes sort of self-evident. That will take care of the second part of the question.

We recommend not getting into too much detail on the goal because you can only write words. To address the third part of the question, spend some time researching how ISB will help you meet your goals, isb essays sample. Remember, ISB also wants prospective candidates to know that it can help them meet their goals.

So, a significant amount of their own content could give isb essays sample the answer to how this PGP will help you, isb essays sample. Read what the ISB website says and go with the flow from there on.

Now, we move on to talking isb essays sample how you should say it for maximum effect. Structure: The three things to talk about in this essay are your goal, your goal, and how the PGP will help you to achieve them. Since this is a rather direct question, isb essays sample, you can get straight to the point in your answer.

Talk about the job you want to do and the kind of company you want to be working for in Try to wrap up both the answers within words. Start by talking about the tools you will need to have to achieve your goal.


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isb essays sample


ISB Essay Sample 2. You are contesting the election to be the President of the ISB Student Body. Write a speech you will deliver to the student body on why they should elect you as the President? Fellow-students, it is my pleasure to be a part of the distinguished ISB student community and bring forth my ideas for the ISB Student Body. ISB essays help, ISB deadlines, and ISB essay editing service along with sample essays available to make your ISB MBA application outstanding. Jun 29,  · Yes, you can definitely take help from an ISB admissions consultant for your application. While you may find a lot of material online, an admissions consultant does bring a few unique points: 1. Professional experience: An experienced consultant w.